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Hi Mark

I Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how delighted I am with the DVD of my show. I've watched it several times and still cannot believe how well you have captured the dancers and performers.

The whole project is amazing and so much more than I ever hoped for

I cannot thank you enough

I've shed a few teatrs watching my students perform and the way you have presented the DVD is amazing

The DVD's are selling well and I will be in touch if I need more copies,I certainly will be in touch as soon as I have my next date confirmed (Just waiting on theatre)


You should be very proud of the services you offer,thank you once more

Take care and best wishes

Gaynor Riopedre

Riopedre Dance Academy-Principle(MIDTA)


07591 318372 or 0121 451 3332

Hi Mark

Finally have managed to get the reviews on email so I am forwarding them to you

Diane Davis : I have to say these are excellent, I've seen a few dance shows filmed and you have no idea who's dancing where due to the large number on stage and distance of cameras-excellent choice of production company.

Kimberly Farniss - Such a beautiful DVD, captured the show perfectly.

Very professional and brilliant detail.

Polly Haynes-We were thrilled with the DVD of the show. It was brilliant to have 2 camera angles so that all the children could be seen. The sound quality was great. We liked the introduction and credits too! Would recommend.

Tierna Santhera-Just to say it is lovely to have the DVD to remind us of the performances. Bailey has literally been watching it over and over. She has loved being able to see all the other performers as she was so focused on her own routines at the time, she didn't get to see many of the other routines until she watched the DVD

Kerry Clark - Enjoyed watching the video. It's a great memory for us all.

Video well made.

My Review Klare Maggs (Principal Insane Dance)

As a Dance teacher and the choreographer of the show it was great to be able to offer  the performers and their parents the opportunity to buy a DVD of the show and have that keepsake & memory for years to come.

Ardath Video are incredibly professional and offer many deals to suit your dance school or youth group etc.

I only had to take the orders and Ardath Video did the rest.

The whole atmosphere of the show was caught on Camera just loved watching it all back.

Will definitely use them again on our next show and would most definitely recommend them to my fellow dance teachers

Thank you Ardath Video

Dear Mark

On behalf of Carabela Dance Academy I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services when we held our show in March of this year

You offered a professional and efficient service from start to finish.

My pupils are extremely pleased with the production of their show on DVD and the comments I have received from them are nothing but complimentary.

We will definitely be using your services for future performances and have no reservations in recommending Ardath Video to others

A first class service!

Thank you once again

With very best wishes

Carrie-Ann Evans

Principal Carabela Dance Academy




Our Coverage of Dance Shows with the use of two cameras to gain maximum coverage is the key to our Success over the last 26 years.

Not only Two cameras but these are both operated by a professional videographer not a static set up on a tripod.

The real benefit for you is our attendance at the Dress Rehearsal, so we do not only see how the show is running,we can also liase with technicians etc. to enable us to place the cameras in positions to obtain the best possible recording of your production,

We will also cover two performances providing they are on the same day

Some of our clients have a few different dancers in the matinee performance than that of the evening,please feel free to discuss this with us so we can include everyone in the finished production

All the DVD's we produce have a moving motion menu with all dances chaptered to enable you to navigate around the production should you so wish.

We include a front page with the title of the production and a choice to Play from the start or navigate around the various scenes

We take great pride in our titles which will include your logo, show title all animated and set to music from the production, when the final curtain falls we roll the credits just like the movies

Every DVD is beautifully cased with printed sleeve (usually taken from your programme) and the disc with your logo and title providing you with a real souvenir

So what is the cost?

This will come as a pleasant surprise, FILMING IS FREE and our copies are priced at only £11 each


Which is included in the cost


Award Winning Videography

Hello Mark

Just Watched our DVD - Really Impressed! Cannot believe it is all over now. But we have such a great DVD as a memory forever thanks to you guys! Thank you to you and your whole team who have been a pleasure to work with - always attentive to needs and listening how we want it done I will be back next year

Thank you again


(Principal Elements Dance Company)

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